Secure File Document Storage

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Secure File Document Storage

Post  m0gcp on Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:44 am

I am currently setting up online document/ file storage for home users and businesses etc. to store safely their important info online onto, a storage server I have built, It can be accessed by online FTP and the files can be retrieved by the account holder anywhere in the world, this is an alternative to storing your stuff locally, or on pen drives etc. which can still be lost or corrupted, also giving you the added advantage of being able to recall your info anywhere, I know other bigger fish offer this facility but the difference is you pick up the phone with your questions and you get me, not some muppet in a room full of muppets.

I'm offering this service at 30.00 per year for 1Gig of space, (no.exe files or copyrighted music though), I would like some one to trial it with me for a couple of weeks from the position of a customer, to ensure the file upload and retrieval works and the storage and backup facilities at my end are working 100%, no charge, and no obligation to you, after a couple of weeks if you like it let me know if you don't I'll try and sort it out.

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