New Echolink Server

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New Echolink Server

Post  m0gcp on Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:48 am

We have setup a new server on ECHOLINK it is open to everyone,
The server is called *MANCHSTR* ITS NODE NUMBER IS 405195, The sever is
based in Manchester, Central UK.

It accepts all connections, Repeaters, Links, and PC Users. It can handle 50 simultaneous connections

The Server has admins keeping an eye on it to make sure you Echolink connection is not unduly interfered with.

Current admins are M0GCP, M0WIA, EI4JR and VK5TRM

If anyone would like to put a regular Link or Repeater on the server, we are looking for one more Admin

Thanks M0GCP

Any Questions Please Email Me

M0GCP Duncan
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